The most edgy teen hairstyles for guys are steeped in the greatest traditions of “flaunt it while you have it!” Older styles for boy teens were dull, but today you have a variety of options that are more widely accepted!

Justin Bieber’s Trendy Teenage Haircut 2010

Get away from the slicked back greasy looks, and go for hair the ladies can run their hands through. Longer hair is alright, but if you already look really young or have (dare I say) feminine features, then stay away from hairstyles that make you look younger. Use your natural colors this season because 2010 is bringing back the natural highlights and flaunting your natural sexiness. Unless you want an Emo or Punk look, augmenting your natural highlights and lowlights with coloring will let the girls know you are a fashionable catch!

Cristiano Ronaldo Trendy Haircut

Cristiano Ronaldo, the soccer pro, has made the Faux Hawk a fashion statement! Following his example can yield great results for most teens who want to have a style that they can change daily or weekly. The Faux Hawk is very versatile and easy to maintain. And it is difficult not to look good even if you have to towel dry and go when you are short on time. Tousled hair with bangs at different lengths and angles will definitely get you some attention.

Adam Lambert, Emo Hair

Adam Lambert, of American Idol fame, has a kind of Goth look, but his hair is a great example of one of the most cutting edge fashions for 2010 – the Fringe look. Optimizing you bangs at any length hair to create dramatic effects can really show your confidence and fashion savvy. Girls will surely want to talk to you with cuts like these!

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