If you’re planning a wedding, there is no doubt that you’re agonizing over what the perfect hairstyle will be. Every bride wants the biggest day of her life to be perfect, and if your hair isn’t great, your entire day will be thrown off. Here are two great styles for your wedding if you have long hair.

Half Up Curls

This style is great for anyone with medium length or longer hair. If you want to wear your hair down, yet don’t want it in your face, then you should try this style. Curl your hair all the way to the roots. You can use a curling iron or hot rollers. It’s best to do 1.5-inch sections and a large curling iron or large hot rollers for this style, because that will give you the bounciest curls. Pin each section to your scalp as you curl and let them curl. Now just unpin, style with your fingers, and pull the top half back. Secure that with a nice clip and you are good to go. This is perfect if you will be wearing a veil.

Straight Layers

Another great style for long hair is to simply wear your hair in straight layers, adding a gentle wave. This easy to do style is perfect for outdoor weddings, or any wedding that is not quite as formal as traditional weddings are. For this style, have your hair – including your bangs, cut into long layers. Add a gentle wave. To do this you can either use a curling iron without using the clip, or simply braid damp hair and let it dry. When you unbraid your hair, it will be waved. You can brush out the wave you don’t want, leaving just a gentle wave. Part your hair in the middle and sweep it over your shoulder, adding accessories as needed. This is perfect for any shape face and hair texture.

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