Short Layered Haircut 2010


If you choose to have a longer hair style in 2010, and you want to compete on the edge of fashion, you will want to experiment with layers. The Fringe (or “bangs”) hairstyle is the leading edge, and you can get away with a longer haircut if you use different angles and highlights in your hair to create drama in your look.

Short Layered Hair 2010

Layered Hair 2010

Let’s face it. This year we are seeing a trend into the Fringe haircuts with their different length and chic bangs. Shorter hair is really taking over the magazines allowing the use of the bangs to be more dramatic! Even men’s haircuts are showing a lean towards the Fringe revolution. But if you are accustomed to your longer hair and don’t want to cut it, we would recommend that you change the levels in your hair.

Long Layered Hair 2010, Layered Bob 2010

2010 Layered HairstyleLayered Bob 2010 Haircut 2009

Layers have come along way with stylists’ experimentations on the use of bangs. You can find many examples of different bangs at different lengths out there in long hair that are very complimentary and edgy! Mandy Moore has experimented with long and short hair multiple times. Taking a look at her most recently, you will find that she has gone shorter with beautiful, natural-looking highlights and color, and some Fringy layers. She is not the only one, but she is a great example at any length with wonderful use of layers.

Mandy Moore Layered Hairdo

Pauley Pavilion

Every hairstyle that Mandy Moore has had on the street or on the red carpet has shown incredible and dramatic results. Mandy’s look has been glamorous at high end social events. And she is still able to show her fun and light side off the red carpet. Take a look at some Mandy Moore pictures online to see the best use of layered haircuts into 2010!

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