2016 Trendy Hair Color Ideas


Hair style trends are constantly changing and evolving. What was popular and considered glamorous in 2015, is not so appreciated for 2016. Give your hair a chance at a makeover to sport one of the trendy hair color ideas below for the year 2016.

Bronde Hair: A Cross Between Blonde and Brunette

If you have ever wanted to create the perfect balance between light and dark,a bronde hair color can achieve that. It is a mixture of brunette and blonde which was a style trend made popular in 2007 by Gisele Bundchen.

The perfect way to achieve this look is by lightening your hair with two different shades. Dye select layers of the hair to create volume and depth to the color. This is an optimal method if you have darker hair and want to add some trendy dimension.

Dip-Dye Color: A Trend For All Ages

You may have thought that dyeing just the ends of your hair a certain color is just for teens. In 2016, all ages can find the appropriate cross between the two colors.

How can you achieve this look? Leave your hair all natural and only dye the ends a darker color. It can look classy if you choose a natural color or fun if you choose a color like blue or purple.

The Ombre “Gradient” Technique

This style has been sported by celebrities for years and is a popular choice. The color of the roots is left dark and the rest of the hair’s color becomes lighter like a gradient. This type of hair coloring is often referred to as “surfer strands”. The Bayalage hair technique is used while the strands are lightened through mid-shaft.

Streaks With Bright Hues

Adding highlights is nothing new, but adding bright hues to your hair is a worthy trend to mimic. Bright dyes as well as washes of pastel colors can transform an otherwise plain hair color into something worthy of celebrity status.

The Platinum Blonde

Having platinum blonde hair never goes out of style, but it is important to stress that it doesn’t always look good on certain skin tones. People who had blonde hair as a child or have a lighter skin tone can get away with having platinum blonde hair. Keep in mind that this hair color will require a lot of maintenance.

There is so much that you can accomplish with color. Artists create paintings that awe and inspire, meanwhile stylists create hair that trendsetters everywhere envy just by using the right touch of color. Don’t shy away from experimenting, get with the trends of 2016!

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