Old Hairstyles Comeback


Those old hairstyles from the golden days of Hollywood are starting to surface back onto the celebrities and other individuals throughout the world. Yes, despite what you may believe, there are actually women that are able to pull those old hairstyles off. The old hairstyles give a different and unique, yet well known look to celebrities in today’s age.

So what celebrities are starting to use the old hairstyles? Have you seen Gwen Stefani recently? How about Christina Aguilera? These are two celebrities that seem to be big fans of the old hairstyles. So yes, old hairstyles are coming back, believe it or not.

One of the hairstyles that are the most mimicked on individuals today is the Marilyn Monroe hairstyle. You know the short, sexy curly hairstyle that many individuals have been copying for many years now.

There are many styles that go through photo shoots with this hairstyle. Look at Jennie Garth and Charlize Theron, they both had their hair in the Marilyn Monroe hairstyle and it looked great on them.

Gwen Stefani can be found taking a number of different old hairstyles and making them into something unique and personal that will meet her own style. We have all seen the look where she pushed the front of her hair up and makes it into a nice centrepiece, then combs the rest of her hair back as she allows the curls to fall from the back of her hair.

As the years continue to grow, we believe we will start to see many more old hairstyles coming back into the picture. That is something that we will just have to wait, watch and enjoy.

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