The Most Popular Hairuct Styles of all Times


No one can deny that when they are in search of a hairstyle to rock for a special occasion or for a total hair makeover, they almost always look to celebrities for inspiration. In the passage of time, there are several notable hairstyles that have become the well-copied hairstyles of all times. This include Audrey Hepburn’s French twist f or the movie Breakfast at Tiffany, the Rachel of Jennifer Aniston in her role as Rachel Green for the sitcom Friends, and who can ever forget the androgynous short hair of Twiggy, among others.

Audrey Hepburns’ French twist in the Breakfast at Tiffany
Other actresses and celebrities have worn a French twist before La Hepburn wore it for her movie “Breakfast at Tiffany”, But the hairstyle, imbued by Audrey Hepburn’s unique personal fashion flare became an instant “celebrity” in its own right after this recognized beauty, fashion and hair icon showcase the hairstyle in the said movie. The classic French twist of Audrey has become one of the well-copied hairstyle in the history of hair fashion in her time and whose popularity remained unabated until this present generation. It is a great favorite hairstyle for formal dos such as weddings and proms as well as a preferred updo hairstyle by celebrities to rock in the red carpet.

Jennifer Aniston’s “The Rachel”
The shoulder length square—layered bouncy hairstyle worn by Jennifer Aniston in one season of the American sitcom “Friends” in 1995 has gained so much fame and status. It was copied by millions of women all over the world making it one of the well-copied hairstyle not only during the past two generations but maybe of all times. It has gained so much popularity, giving it a name and “personality” of its own. The big, layered blond and profoundly highlight hairstyle of Jennifer Aniston was called “The Rachel” , in honor of the character she played in the sitcom.

Twiggy’s androgynous short haircut
Twiggy epitomizes the 60s fashion. Her androgynous short pixie haircut is one bold and daring fashion statement that was revolutionary in Twiggy’s time. Most celebrities in her time prefer big, long hair, but when Twiggy burst into the fashion world with her sleekly combed pixie framing her gamine face highlighting her huge eyes framed by long false eyelashes, there was a sudden shift in the way women wore their hair. The revolution raged and carried almost every woman in its frenzy, making Twiggy’s pixie or a variation of it one of the most well-copied hairstyle of all times.

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