Angelina Jolie – Loose Curly Hairstyle


One of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood is Angelina Jolie. This actress is well-known for her love of children, her desire to help those less fortunate, and of course, her incredible acting. Angelina is a beautiful woman who always takes care of herself and tries very hard to always look her best. Many women envy her and she has a great sense of style and self that is hard to emulate. Her hair is one of her best features.

Angelina wears a beautiful loose, curly hairstyle that has lots of life and is very flattering on her. This style is simple to do, and yet many women do not try it because they assume that sense it looks great on Angelina then there is no way that it could possibly look good on them. This couldn’t be further from the truth. This hairstyle is suitable for a wide variety of face shapes and if you are not sure that you are one who can wear this style, then talk to your stylist to see what alterations you could make to make it look like you want. You may simply need to change the parting or add some bangs to look great in this style.

In order to have this style like Angelina has it, you need to have long hair, at least to just past your shoulders. Shorter, medium-length hair will probably work just as well, but short hair is just too short for this style. To style, simply wrap your hair around rollers from below the ear down. Once the rollers have set and the curls are ready, just loosen them with your fingers to make the waves that you want. The bigger the curler the bigger the wave.

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