Some Tips to Boost Your Hair’s Volume

Limp and lifeless hair is so frustrating that sometimes make some girls shy and retiring. But there really is no need to suffer from this condition. There are many ways to boost your hair’s volume and keep your hair lively and full of bounce. Here are some easy tips to boost your hair’s volume:

• The first and most important tip to boost your hair’s volume is to have a balanced and healthy diet. Like your body, your hair needs proper nourishment to keep it healthy and full of life. Eat food rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron zinc, copper and Vitamins B,C, & F that promote a healthy growth of hair.

Long Lovely Hairstyle

• Use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week to wash out any product build up on your hair. This will make your hair weightless and full of bounce

• Massage your scalp and hair with warm oil to encourage the circulation of blood and to make the roots healthy before you shampoo your hair.

• If you have to use a voluminizing product make sure that you apply it on the roots and don’t overdo it. Too much of this product especially when applied on the shaft or strands will weigh down your hair and make it look flat and unnatural.

• Apply a small amount of dry shampoo at the hair’s roots to provide volume to the hair since this will soak the oil up.

• Use hair products that are protein rich. What protein does is to bind the hair to provide it with fullness and thickness

• Blow dry your hair flipped upside down. This will fluff up your hair and give it bounce and volume

• Refrain from washing hair every day. On days that you want your hair to look voluminous, don’t wash it. A newly wash hair falls flat and limp.


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