Classic Formal Hairstyles

classic hairstyle

The three types of formal hairstyles are updos, half up/half down and down. A half up/half down formal hairstyle is also sometimes called a partial updo or half updos, but in truth, it describes even hairstyles where hair is only partly up or mostly up. Majority of half up/half down hairstyle have hair up at the back and down on the sides and front. Several are messy others are neat, while some have plenty of textures, others have none, and some are big and others small.

Hollywood is the best source of inspiration for formal hairstyles. Celebrity icons attend red carpet events in the most fabulous formal hairstyles. Some even have a signature formal hairstyle that they often wear to the red carpet. Classic example of these celebrity icons is Nicole Kidman who always looks magnificent in a formal half updo. Messy updos are formal hairstyles that are favored by the teen fashion icons such as Vanessa Hudgens while uber sexy down dos- sleekly straight or wavy and tousled – are also great favorites by celebrities for the red carpet.

Updos are some of the most elegant formal hairstyle. Formal updos can come as a messy chignon worn low at the nape of the neck, a cascades of curls piled on the top of the head, a sleek and smooth bun at the back of the head, a braided side updo, a sleek braided ponytail and many more.

Another great inspiration for formal hairstyles is old Hollywood glam hairstyles. The 40s and the 50s are recognized as the generations of the most glamorous women in the history of Hollywood

These women include Marilyn Monroe, Ava Garner, Dorothy Lamour, Maureen O’Hara, Susan Hayward, Deborah Kerr and Jane Russell among others. All these super glamorous women were often photographed rocking some of the most magnificent formal hairstyles that are very much in demand with women of this generation.

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