Hairstyles for Triangular Face Shapes

face shape

Now that you have determined the type of facial shape that you have, the right type of make and accessories will just be the icing on the cake. The triangle face shape is someone who has a wide forehead that narrows down from the cheeks to the chin. In order to balance this type of shape, you must create the illusion of a wider jaw and chin and to add some height on the top. In order to move the eye away from the wide forehead, look for styles that will accentuate the eyes and the hair is tucked behind the ears. Off-centre parts can also add to the drama of the hairstyle. The shag style perfect for you, where there is full bangs and it should taper at the jaw. Bangs would look great on women with heart or triangular shapes for it can hide the wide hairline in the forehead.If you want to have an updo, it should also have bangs as part of the style. Try to avoid styles that will accentuate the jaw. Center parts do not work well with these types so as said earlier, opt for the off center one.

When you want to wear accessories, put on something like chokers-type necklaces which can add width to the chin area. Sharp angles are smoothed by these types of necklaces. As for the earrings, triangular shapes will make it better. It will draw the attention away from the sharp edges of the shape.
When wearing makeup, accentuate the cheeks with a contouring blusher. This will add more depth to the narrow cheekbones. It is also better to draw focus to the mouth and the eyes for it can help with the drawing away from the sharp angles of the face.

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