Prom Hairstyle Idea and Other Prom Tips

prom hair tips 2015

Aside from choosing the right prom dress, there is also a crucial need of attaining the right prom hairstyle. For people who do not like wearing their hair down, an up-do is the thing for you. A hot prom hairdo you can have is the back braid prom hair.

A back braid prom hair is a timeless and alluring hairstyle. Dating back to Cleopatra’s era, the back braid hairdo is easy to do. You can have it done at home with the help of your mother or any relative of yours. Or you can choose your hair stylist to do it for you, whichever way you will have a wonderful outcome. The end result may seem complicated but with careful execution of the following steps, you can achieve the look which can match any prom dress.

Make a smooth ponytail by pulling your hair all the way back and secure it in the middle part of your head. Then leave out a portion to use for braiding later and secure the ponytail into a tight bun securing it in place with the use of bobby pins. Use as many as needed if you hair is thick or does not go with your chosen direction. Grab the small portion and start braiding it. After the braids are done, wrap them around the bun, again secure it with bobby pins. Remember to hide the bobby pins as much as possible to create a seamless look. Use a strong hold hairspray and now you got yourself a hot back braid prom hair.

Learn How to be an Effective Prom Planner

Being chosen as the prom planner or head of the prom planning committee for your prom is a great honor and distinction. To be given such a responsibility means that the school recognizes your management and executive capability. It is however, a big task that requires great attention to details and a lot of coordination to ensure that the prom turns out to be perfect. To help you plan a perfect prom that will do you, your committee and your school proud, here are some planning pointers for you:

• Prepare a check list of all the details, big and small, that need to be attended to and do a tasking assignment. Assign tasks to committee members within their known area of expertise.
• The theme of the prom should be decided by the entire committee but the details of the decoration can be assigned to a member.
• If the prom will be held outside of the school and choosing a venue is one of the duties of your committee, take this task as your own personal assignment. This is a most important element in ensuring the success of the prom.
• Prepare evaluation criteria of what would be an ideal prom night venue such as price and what the price includes, safety and accessibility of the location, ample parking space, venue capacity, its sound and lighting facilities, and the venue’s capability to handle a band.
• You can also request for suggestions from your members and evaluate the proposed venues as a team.
• In choosing entertainment, ask the committee member assigned to take care of this aspect to submit at least three alternatives that the whole committee can deliberate on. All the committee members can even go and watch the bands perform live so that you will have a basis for comparison.
• Selection criteria for a band should be its flexibility and ability to perform different types of music and its dependability. You want to make sure that when prom night arrives there will be a band to provide the music. Some bands are pretty notorious for their unreliability.
• DJs have become very popular fixtures in proms. Discuss with the committee if the prom budget would allow the hiring of a DJ. The selection of a DJ should go through the same process as selecting a band.
• Once the committee has selected a band or DJ or both, have a contract of undertaking prepared with all the details that you have agreed upon written in clear and understandable terms – the price and what it includes such as sound and light equipments, mode and time of payment, time, date and address of the prom venue, time they are expected to be in attendance. Be very explicit to prevent some switch and bait ploy. Ensure also that the band or DJ or both are covered by a liability insurance.
• Call for regular committee meetings to get an update of each and every committee member’s progress in their assigned task. If help is needed by a particular committee member assigned to a task of say coming up with fund raising activities, or prom décor, all the members of the committee particularly you, as the head of the committee should be ready to lend a hand.

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