The Beauty of Long Hair

Pia Mia Perez Hairstyle

The beauty of long hair cannot be denied. Although generally associated with women, there have also been many men with long hair who are seen as sexy. Beauty, after all, lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Generally, when we talk about long hair in women, we associate that with femininity, sexiness and even glamorous. Women are generally able to have all kinds of long hair styles while maintaining the ability to bedazzle. Whether they are long and straight or wavy/curly, each of them carry about their own distinctive characteristics.

The advantage of long hair vs short hair is that long hair women can style their hair in many different ways. There really is no limits to what you can achieve with some imagination. You can wear your hair in a bun, put it up in a pony tail, braid them and so on. In addition to this, women with long hair are able to suit their hairstyles with different accessories to add a touch of class to it.

Aubrey Peeples - Long Hairdo

Picture this. Do you remember watching the movie Titanic where the lead actress Kate Winslet’s long, flowing hair against the wind? Now, it wouldn’t be the same if she or another woman had spotted a short hairstyle, wouldn’t it?

To wrap this up, long hair is something that is truly beautiful and can be styled in many different ways to suit the person’s characteristics and shape of the face to name but a few.

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