Dip Dye Hairstyles for Summer 2014

Dip Dye Hairstyles

Dip Dye hairstyles are still in and are actually a very popular trend that is still a big deal. The color fade is still stronger than ever and if you haven’t already, you need to get up to speed on the best ways to achieve the two-tone in 2014.

Some of the hottest hair trends are still the Dip-Dye hairstyles. Emma Stone and Joan Smalls exemplify this trend and the products borrow from their popularity to push the trend.

You can amplify your chocolate tresses and shades of champagne shades a touch of blonde to accent your hairdo for the summer, and give your non-winter hair a sunny disposition.

It is also the redheads that are leading the way as well, as noted by a certain strawberry blonde from Hollywood who is showing off dramatic color changes this spring.

For statements that are subtle you can tune into the trends displayed by Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Alba. For the super bold statement hair styles, you can look to Rita Ora and Kate Bosworth.

However if taking your glossy tips and dying them does not fit your style, then perhaps extensions is the real deal for you. Here, you have the option to try all the different colors and clip in the ones that set your hair off in the direction of excitement and fashion.

So as the trend of ombre continues, where the hair is darker at the roots, with a gradual lightening toward the ends, which are dyed to taste, the effect this spring and summer is going to me huge.
Whether the dying is actually done to the ends, or extensions are used, the result of Dip Dye hairstyles can be beautifully stunning and a statement is made to the freedom of innovation and design.


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