Getting Drew Barrymore’s Hairstyle

Getting Drew Barrymore’s Hairstyle

Getting Drew Barrymore’s best of both worlds hair style is not that hard to obtain, I guarantee it. The star of “He’s Just Not That Into You” has always had that amazingly beautiful mane, however, she has been recently spotted wearing sleek and smooth strands which has slight curls or bends at the ends. This is the exact hair style that will give you the best of both worlds. While maintaining a sleek style, you can still have those gorgeous curls. So follow these step 1-2-3 steps to get Drew’s lovely hair style.

Step 1: Preparation
• Wash your hair clean, and then towel dry your hair. Spray some leave-in conditioner that will help you keep your hair all smooth and tame those frizzy hairs. A wide-tooth comb is the best for combing hair, after that, through strands run a smoothing serum. You can now blow dry your hair in partitions with the use of a round brush, also point the nozzle in downward position upon your hair shaft to achieve added smoothness. Press the cool shut button; blast each partition so that the style and shine of your tresses will be locked in.

Step 2: Styling
• With the use of a large barrel curling iron, style upon your strands ends at least one and a half inches. Spray a bit of hairspray to each strand before curling them. Curl your hair strands at least 2 inches, then working on your way through your mane. Keep in mind to just curl the exact ends of your hair.

Step 3: Finishing up
• This is one of that hairstyle that would not need much finishing up at all. What matters is doing a great job of blow drying your hair, keeping the top smooth and the ends all curled up then that is that. Simple.


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