Hairstyles That Will Turn The Clock Back Ten Years!

Short Layered Hairdo

The cosmetic market is flooded out with creams, lotions, vitamins and diet plans all promising to turn back the hands of time. Chasing eternal youth certainly isn’t a new idea, but before you spend a small fortune on such expensive products, why not think about something you already have – your hair!

Yes most of us wear the hairstyle we like, the one we think suits us, or simply the style we have sported for years and never really thought about changing! Yet without realising it we could actually be turning the clock the wrong way! Below you will find some hairstyles that really could make you look ten years younger!


The Side Sweep

Soft side-swept bangs with gentle rounded edges can quickly change a serious stern style into a sweet, girly and young look. Ask your hairdresser for gentle side bangs and when styling at home use a round bristle brush to achieve this young gentle look.

Hairstyle with Bangs

The Healthy Highlights

Bleaching your whole head blonde is not normally the way to achieve a younger fresher look! Yet well placed warm highlights can work wonders for skin tones and give a healthy sun kissed look. For such a natural style ask your hairdresser for subtle highlights around the face, the natural place where sun would accent your hair. To achieve the ten years younger look, avoid a drastic colour change and instead ask for highlights just one or two shades lighter than you natural or base colour.

The Boastful Bob

An angled bob can immediately transform an older looking face into a young fresh one. Sweeping soft bangs will add to the new look. To achieve the look blow dry the hair straight then using a little clay gently roll the ends between your fingers.

Short and Subtly Shabby

If you already sport relatively short hair (or are considering going short) then consider a mussed up shaggy look rather than the sleek style. Fine layers will make this style an easy one and is guaranteed to bring out the young fun side in you.

Layered Hairstyle

Whichever style you are considering remember that looking ten years younger doesn’t have to involve expensive creams, lengthy cosmetic surgery or crazy diets. A simple change of hair style could shave off the last ten years and have you wondering whether you really have discovered the road to eternal youth! Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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