Haircut Styles That Are Always Trendy

Bob Hairstyle

Hairstyle trends come and go, but there are hairstyles that will never go out of style. Here they are:

Pixie Cut
The pixie of Twiggy fame is as popular now as it was in the 60s. But the new pixie which is messed up a little with asymmetrical sections on top is more forgiving than the smooth, even, boyish rendering of the past. The pixie is great for women with small faces and even features.

Pixie Cut

Flip Cut
The new flip is not as heavily turned up as the style worn by Mary Tyler Moore in the 70s; instead it only just suggests a slight flip at the ends. The perfect example of the modern flip is Michelle Obama’s layered flip with indeterminate hair sections that softens the structured fashion of the past.

Flip Haircut Style

Bob Haircut
The bob is another hairstyle that will always be trendy. This hairstyle dates back to the 20s and is as popular now as it was then. The new bob is longer, almost up to the shoulder, choppy at the back and angled and even in front.

Bob Hairstyle

Ponytail Hairstyle
The 1960s ponytail best illustrated by Pebble Flinstone’s spunky ponytail is another hairstyle that will always be trendy. But this generation’s ponytail is not as high as Pebble’s but low and slick, only several inches above the nape.

Ponytail Hairstyle

Wavy hair or beachy hair this year is more polished than the messy waves seen in the past few years. It is also smoother and glossier, soft and more sophisticated looking.

Wavy Hairstyle

Long and Straight Hairstyle
Long and straight hair is still as trendy now as it was during the 70s of the flower people. But the long and straight hair now has volume at the roots with long, face framing layers that give the hair more movement.

Long Straight Hairstyle

Curly Hairstyle
Curly hair of this season is loose and more tactile or touchable and curls begin lower on the head almost around the ears with the hair at the top of the head smooth and sleek.

Big Curly Hair

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