Causes of Hair Loss in Women

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There are a number of things that can cause hair loss on women. If a woman has just had a major surgery or some other traumatic event has happened, the stress from these things can take a physical toll on the body and cause hair to start falling out. Physical stress on the hair itself resulting from certain hairstyles can also be the cause. These are usually just temporary things and the hair starts to grow back as the body heals from the stress.

Varying hormone levels can cause hair loss in women as well. If the thyroid is working too much or not enough then it can affect disrupt hair growth and cause it to fall out. The hormone changes after pregnancy can cause also. For thyroid disease, once treatment starts, the hair starts to renew itself, and for pregnancy, once the body starts regulating the hormones as it usually would, the same result occurs.

Women that are taking certain types of medications like blood thinners may notice that their hair is falling out. Birth control pills, anti-depressants, heart medication, amongst others can have this same affect. This stops once the medication is no longer taken unless the doctor prescribes something else to combat hair loss.

Unfortunately, some causes of hair loss are a little more significant and can mean that the person has a serious disease. Lupus and diabetes are known to have this affect as well as some other conditions. If a woman is experiencing hair loss then she should consult a doctor even if there is no history of these diseases in the family.

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