2013 Hairstyles Ideas for Straight Hair

Side Swept Hairstyle for Stright Hair

If you have straight hair, then there are hundreds of hairstyles for you to choose from. Straight hair is always in style, with many women who have naturally wavy or curly hair trying to get straight hair with flatirons. No matter what length hair you want, there is a great straight hairstyle for you. Whatever style you choose, 2013 is perfect for bangs. Many of the most popular styles have flat or straight bangs, while others have side bangs. There are also some more trendy styles – razor cut bangs and fringes with varying lengths are popular.

2013 Straight Hairstyle Idea  – Long Hair with Layered Ends

2013 Straight Hairstyle Idea

Any length straight hair is good for 2013 season. It depends entirely on what you need and want. A very popular trend for medium and short hair is a bob that curls at the end. Bobs are great because they can be adapted to suit any woman and they can be medium or short. Pixie cuts are extremely popular short straight hairstyles. These cuts are not for everyone, but they are very cute, fun, and easy to maintain.

Side Swept Hairstyle for Stright Hair

For long and medium hairstyles, layers, angles, or razor cuts are very popular. If you opt for a hairstyle that involves a razor, make sure you go to someone you know is a good hairstylist, because if done wrong, a razor can severely damage your hair. Layers are great because they help long hair lose weight, while adding lots of volume to thin hair. They also are perfect for adding colors or for framing your face. Angles are always great, trendy styles for those who want a more modern look.

Bob Hairstyle with Bangs for 2013 Season

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