Hairstyles with Bangs for Spring & Summer 2013

Jessica Biel - Hairstyle with blunt bangs

Bangs or fringes have been known to be able to add a distinctive character to a certain hairstyle. Instead of a dull hairstyle, bang haircuts can liven it up with a sexy and stylish look to the specific hairstyle. In addition to that, it can also accentuate certain facial features while hiding the flaws.

2013 Hairstyle with Bangs Idea

First and foremost, if you are unsure of the right bang or fringe haircut to suit you, there is always clip-on hair extensions to help give you the required bangs. It will be a good indication to see if bang haircuts are suitable for you. It is an option other than uploading your photo to the websites that can help alter your looks with the specific bang haircuts.

Hairstyle with Bangs 2013

There are many different bang haircuts for you to choose from. Whether it is straight, blunt and heavy or short; long; side-swept; above the eye; covering the eye etc, bangs can help give you a sophisticated look. Let’s look at several in particular.

Bold and Blunt
One of the most popular haircuts with bangs. It is the most common and worn most. Blunt bangs accentuate your facial features and the eyes specifically. The bangs which are cut straight across also highlights the facial bone structure. Best recommended for long and oval-shaped faces.

Hairstyle with Blung Bangs for Spring and Summer 2013Jessica Biel - Hairstyle with blunt bangs

Side-swept bangs
These are one-length bangs that are pushed to a particular side. It blends with the layers of hair surrounding the face area. It can suit almost any face shape.

Hairstyle with Side-Swept Bangs for 2013 SeasonHairstyle with Side Swept Bangs 2013

These are but two of the more popular bang haircuts for you to try. It is a fun and sexy way to add a touch of class to your hairstyle. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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