The Best Hair Tools

The best tools for nice looking hair

A fabulous hairstyle just doesn’t happen like magic. It’s created with imagination and the use of the best hair tools as well as the appropriate hair products. Check out the following tools, considered the best hair tools by most hair specialists.

Hair dryer – A hair dryer is an electro- mechanical tool that blows hot and cool air to expedite the drying of hair. A hairstyle created with the use of a hair dryer almost always has volume and is controllable. The quality if the hairstyle is further enhanced when hair styling products are used to give lift and hold to the hair. The best hair dryer according to most hair stylist is the Sedu Revolution Pro Tourmaline Ionic 400i. It may be smaller than other hair dryers but it packs equal power while its short nozzle allows for very easy maneuvering.

Hot rollers – These best hair tools are small heated tubes that you roll your hair into to curl it to create a new hairstyle. A lot of hairstylist rave about Cloud Nine’s The O heated rollers, an innovative tool that offers the highest heat that can be achieved by this type of device but only gets heated once it’s set in.

Hair brush – A hair brush is stick brush with soft or hard bristles that is used for styling, smoothing and detangling hair. The bet hair brush ever is a Mason Pearson brush that not only helps style, detangle and smooth hair but also stimulates the scalp to increase the flow of blood to the roots.

Sponge hair rollers – These hair styling helpers can create loose waves on your hair even when you’re asleep. They are soft but very effective. The latest sponge rollers that are creating big waves are the strawberry-shaped sponge rollers.

Hot tools ceramic tourmaline deep waver – This best hair tool can create glam Old-Hollywood style curls or waves or tousled, natural-looking waves by simply clamping them on your hair with a count of ten. Photo Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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