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For men and women the best hairstyles are ones that fit their face shape and features well. Personality and style are two other factors that generate the right haircut as well. However, men are typically looking for shorter hairstyles because it is more widely accepted. Luckily, the boundaries have been somewhat lifted in the last year for short haircuts and what really looks good on men.

So when you are looking for a good haircut, start with your face shape. An oval face is the most forgiving, and you can pretty much do whatever you want with your hair. Rounder faces could use some volume at the top of your head to elongate your look, and should never have chin length hair to frame your face. Square faces have intense jaw lines and straight lines, you will want to use some bangs or layers to break up those lines and get some balance to your look. Other face shapes have their own challenges so do some research and get informed!

Trendy Emo Hair For Men

Adam Lambert

Aside from face shape, you can do almost anything today. The Fringe hairstyles out there have allowed stylists to experiment with bang length and angles in ways that have never been thought of before! So this is the right time to change your look if you are looking for something different. Also, the Emo style which is all about personality and self-expression has given guys a way to go all out with a “no bad haircut” guarantee! Take a look at some celebrity photos, see which one best suits your personality, and give it a try!

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