Lovely Ponytail, Hair Tips

Lovely Ponytail, Hair Tips

Ponytails are some of the most versatile hairstyles that you can possibly play with. They look nice, are great for keeping your hair out of your face, and are great for work and play. But let’s face it—they can get a wee bit boring. So how can you take your old, boring ponytail and turn it into something lovely and totally worthwhile?


Paris Hilton & Audrina Patridge Ponytail Hairstyle

Paris Hilton - Ponytail HairstyleAudrina Patridge

Well, for one, you can add headbands. If you have bangs, then headbands can either accentuate them or they can pull them away from your face. Headbands can also add a little bit of extra flair, depending on what kind of designs that you have.

Next, you can use different kinds of ponytail holders. Regular elastic bands always look nice, but if you really want to step it up, you may find that sometimes it is better to use bands with small charms on them or even the small figure eight hair bows with small balls on the end if you are looking for a rather girly look.

Then there are the old, tried and true ribbons! Ribbons are cute, fun, and you can use them in loads more ways than hair bows. However, when it comes to ponytails, you may find that you need to mix the two together to create a more sophisticated and girly look! However, you may find that you need to remember not to pull too tight when it comes to ribbons or you will ruin the shape of your ponytail. Keep this in mind while you are using ribbons.

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