Carefree Perm for the Holidays

Perm Hair Idea

If you are thinking of getting a perm for the holiday season it is a good way to have a hairstyle that requires little care and a good choice for the busy holiday season. Some of the different perms available today are the root lift where a perm solution is added only to the roots of the hair. This lifts the roots and adds some body and lift to your hairstyle.

Carefree Perm Hairstyle

Carefree Perm Hairstyle 2011

You can get a spot perm where only the ends of the hair are permed leaving you with light curls at the tips. Or you may get a perm to take the curl out of hair or a kind of reverse perm to loosen the curls. Any of these types of perms results in carefree hairstyles for the holidays.

Perfect Perm Hairstyles 2011

Perm Hair IdeaPerm Hair 2011

A perm has two steps, the first one breaks down the hair and the second step is the one that neutralizes the hair. You can expect to spend about two hours, give or take, for the entire process and it will last about two months. Then after the holiday season you can simply let the perm grow out or get most of it cut off. Or of course you can continue to have it re-permed.

Perm Hairstyle 2011

Perm Hairstyle 2011

Fortunately the permanent wave process has changed in the past decades and it does not have that odor it used to have. The new perms are also better for the hair but it does damage the hair and you need to use good conditioners on your hair.

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