The Right Haircut for that Right Hair Style

The Right Haircut for that Right Hair Style

When you go into a hair salon you are faced with lots of decisions. One may be to color or not to color. You also are faced with how you want your hair styled. This then leads to the right hair cut.

There are a lot of ways you can get your haircut. The simplest way is to get a buzz cut. The only question here is what length clipper blade do you want used on it and do you want the sides or back longer than the top or the top a bit longer than the sides.

Alex Jones Trendy Hairstyle - Bob Haircut

Next there is the question of a scissor cut versus a razor cut. Sometimes you will encounter a stylist you only cuts hair with scissors. Others use both. And some others prefer using a razor to cut hair. You won’t know this until you are face to face with your stylist.

Generally a scissors is used for a blunt cut edge. The result is smooth and straight. You might use scissors with very fine hair or curly hair. A razor is used for a more jagged edged hair style. A stylist may say they can cut your hair as short with a razor as with a clipper. A razor cut leaves the ends more uneven. A razor will also be used to lessen the weight of heavy hair. A razor can be used to soften and texture thick hair. Which one you choose will determine your final hair shape and style.

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