Tips for Staying Warm with a Short Hairstyle

Tips for Staying Warm with a Short Hairstyle

This winter is all about choppy, or blunt cut bangs and short, cropped locks, and a variety of other short hairstyles. So the question is—how do you stay warm while sporting your new, cute hairdo, especially if you aren’t used to having your hair cut so short.


Staying Warm with a Short Hairstyle During Cold Winter Months

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1. Get a hat. A good, warm hat should not only cover your head, but it should also cover at least the tops of your ears. Make sure that the hat doesn’t have a bunch of holes or other ways for air to get in and chill you.

Keep Warm During Cold Winter

2. Earmuffs could be a good idea if you have ears that get cold easily, or especially if you have stretched lobes that you are wearing jewelry in for that day. The reasoning? Since stretched lobes are stretched, the tissue isn’t being circulated with blood as much as usual, making it easier for it to get cold. Another tip is to also leave your jewelry out for the time that you are outside if you have just gotten your hair cut.

3. Scarves are your best friend. Whether you believe it or not, simply consider how cold the back of your neck was when you first had your hair cut. Imagine how much colder it would be during the winter! Like the hat, make sure that you have a good, solid scarf. A crocheted scarf would be appropriate, as long as you make sure to wrap it the right way.

With these tips in mind, keep warm and enjoy your new hairstyle!

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