Short Sexy Pixie Hairstyles for Winter

Victoria Beckham pixie cut

Short Sexy Pixie Hairstyles for Winter

With winter approaching you will be indoors more and the heated air can dry out your hair even more than a blow dryer so if you are up to it get one of the very popular short sexy styles that many actresses are wearing these days. With short hair, your face is emphasized more. The shorter hair becomes like a picture frame around it. With short hair you can have some curls alongside the face and ears so the curls softly frame it. You can give short hair some waves. It can be flipped up at the ends for a sassy look. It can have a pixie look to it and be very sassy or gamin.

Various Pixie Haircut Styles

Shorter Pixie CutShort Pixie With Bangs 2011

Short hair can be tousled to make it look sexy. It can be parted down the middle and slicked down for a little boy look. It can be teased and lifted for a very casual look. Or you can use gel for a spiky stiff unkempt look. Or slick it all back for a more severe look. Short hair is fun and easy to style. A good salon will give you a great haircut or a new hairstyle.

Perfect Short Pixie Haircuts 2011

Since healthy hair grows about one half inch per month on average then if you don’t like the short cut it will grow. And there are hair extensions. But when most women decide they are ready for a super short cut they are not disappointed. It may take a couple of days to get used to your new look.

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