Great Hairstyles for a Round Face

Ladies who have a round face generally do not want to add any additional width to their face. The idea is instead to wear hairstyles that compliment the shape of their face. Shorter hairstyles tend to draw attention on the face, which can make it appear much larger than what it is.

Ladies with a round face should consider a layered look in order to draw attention to the length of the face rather than the width. Generally ladies should opt for hair that falls a little above the shoulders. Bob cuts are one stylish option for ladies. A long asymmetrical cut is one great option. Ladies can have long layers on one side and shorter layers on the other side.

Sienna Miller

One important feature is to make sure that the shorter side does not fall above the chin because this can accentuate a round face. For those ladies who want to wear longer hair, it is a good idea to place layers around the face to lighten the look. Layers are a good way to distract from trouble spots and focus on other points. Adding curls adds volume and this is also a good option for people who have a round face.

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