Choppy Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Choppy Shoulder Length Hairstyles

This is one of the recent hair styles that is gaining a lot of popularity and is becoming the latest trend. It gives a very elegant, yet casual look to the ladies and at the same time is not so difficult to wear and manage in a daily life as the hair itself is short. It is usually layered and also is very easy to style because of the layers present in the already short hair.

Depending on the characteristics of your face and neck, you can choose the hair to be as short as your jaw line or make it longer up till your shoulder length. Make a few layers of different types throughout the hairs to achieve that choppy look. A medium length bob would also contribute to that wild and choppy look if it is done to be sleek and smooth. Breaking the sleekness of the hair by cutting layers into it will also make it look choppy and messy.

You could also go for a neck length hair style which is asymmetrical. That is, get it done in such a way that the length of the hairs at the front on one side is longer than that of the other. This would give you a different, urban and youthful look. As this hairstyle houses a messy look already, you do not need to spend much time looking after it throughout the day. All you have to do is wash, use a little hairstyling lotion or mousse and you are good to go.

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