Are There Really Any Hair Fashion Rules?

Are There Really Any Hair Fashion Rules?

As with clothing fashion, hair fashion can be a confusing mess to think about. Warm colorings in the summer, cool ones in the winter, accessorizing, taming, styling, and designing hair can be overwhelming – and what about those hair rules everyone keeps talking about? The truth is that the reality of hair fashion rules is half and half. There are some “rules” that pretty much apply to everyone, but otherwise they do not exist.


Alexandra Ella - Hair Fashion

Grooming yourself is a universal rule of hair fashion. Whether you have hair to your lower back or a buzz cut, it is non-negotiable that your hair be clean and well-groomed. This means shampooing at least once a week (it may not sound like much, but many professionals advice people to do so only once a week), and getting regular trims and cuts to keep your hair looking as healthy as possible.

Besides the universal rule of staying clean, there really are no set-in-stone hair fashion rules. Sure, someone on the red carpet will inevitably be criticized, and you will freak out because you just asked your stylist for his/her haircut last week, but the truth is that we live in a world where different tastes and styles run amuck, and tolerance of these differences has never been better, so taking full advantage of your freedom to do what you will with your hair is the only rule you need to follow. Doing anything else will leave you feeling like a copy of someone else rather than an original, and you don’t want that.

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