Short vs. Long Haircuts

Short vs. Long Haircuts

It’s the classic battle of the lengths. In men and women alike, the choice between a short and a long haircut can be devastatingly painful to make. Many people go with what they know, a haircut they have always had, while others choose a medium length to try and satisfy themselves and everyone else. Knowing how your personal style and face shape can affect your haircut can be a great help to this decision.

Short vs. Long

Short HaircutLong Haircut Style

Short hair cuts are only good for, well, the truth is that short cuts can possibly work on nearly everyone with the right conditions. Thin women and men, for instance, will want a fuller cut that falls just at the jaw bone to help their face look fuller and their overall look more elegant. Larger women should only get a short cut if it falls above or below the jaw line – NEVER at it, to avoid looking larger and bloated. Short cuts can either be very high or very low maintenance, depending on the style – talk to your stylist for more advice on which short cut to get.

Long hair cuts, unlike short ones, just aren’t for everyone. Very large women and men, for example, often only end up looking weighed down by a long cut unless it is heavily layered. The same goes for very thin people – long hair is thick and can look like a weight rather than a fashionable choice. Those who are of a medium weight or that choose a heavily layered cut can pull off a long cut.

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