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If you are someone who wants a new haircut and has a long face, then this article will help you in choosing the right hairstyle for you. These are points you should remember when going to the salon to have your hair cut. These can help you enhance your facial features by getting the most suitable hair cut.

Long Face Shape and Long Hairdo

Remember when you have a long face, your hair should be able to make an effect to lessen the oblong look you have. The hair cuts you should be choosing are the ones which add up volume to the sides of your face and refrain from the ones that focus attention on the top of your head.
Bangs can help you attain a more balanced look for your long face. Side swept bangs which can be maintained at long length can make your face appear rounder and more stylish. With the length of your hair, a bob can do the job. Chin length bobs give you an elegant look and is a top option if you do not worry about having short length hairstyles.

Side Swept Bangs For Long Face Shape

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If you want to keep your long hair, you should have it curled or form waves to achieve more hair volume. However, curls should not be done with a short hair since it can draw attention to the top of your head and it might make your face look longer. Have your hair layered if you desire on keeping your hair long. Straight flat hair is a no-no for a long face. Basically, all you have to do is refrain from having a very long or very short hair and keep your hair to a medium or fairly long length.

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