Wet Hair Stands Out

wet hair look 2016

You may remember that last spring wet hair was everywhere from the runways to the premiers. This year, the trend is back but it has been toned down a lot; instead of looking like you just stepped out of the pool, this year it looks more like a gentle rain misted over your head, creating a sleek, elegant look. This “wet” hair trend not only hit the runways earlier this year, but could be seen in all sorts of hairstyles ranging from updos to straight hair to waves. The good news for us is that not only does it work for any hair style and type, it also works for any hair length so no matter your hair, you can easily follow this trend and look great while doing so.

For some inspiration on how to make this wet hair trend work for you, all you need to do is look to the runways...

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2016 Trendy Hair Color Ideas


Hair style trends are constantly changing and evolving. What was popular and considered glamorous in 2015, is not so appreciated for 2016. Give your hair a chance at a makeover to sport one of the trendy hair color ideas below for the year 2016.

Bronde Hair: A Cross Between Blonde and Brunette

If you have ever wanted to create the perfect balance between light and dark,a bronde hair color can achieve that. It is a mixture of brunette and blonde which was a style trend made popular in 2007 by Gisele Bundchen.

The perfect way to achieve this look is by lightening your hair with two different shades. Dye select layers of the hair to create volume and depth to the color. This is an optimal method if you have darker hair and want to add some trendy dimension.

Dip-Dye Color: A Trend For All Ages

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How To Maintain A Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is attractive and something to be proud of. There are many people who aren’t sure how to keep their hair healthy and when they find out how simple it is they are generally very surprised. One factor that goes into healthy hair is diet. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting a balanced diet so that you have healthy hair. Amino acids are very important for hair and can be found in fish oil pills. You’ll really want to consider how you care for your hairstyle if you want it to be shiny and vibrant. If you are someone who blow dries your hair every day you may want to stop. Blow drying hair damages it and causes split ends and dry cuticles. To remedy this allow your hair to air dry as often as possible.

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Some Styling Tips for Short and Long Hair

hair tips

Here are some styling tips for short and long hair from famous hairstylists who have styled and cut the hair of some of the world’s most stylish women. Give these hair styling tips some consideration to ensure that you will always have superbly styled hair every time.

• When you go for a new haircut, take into account the different styles that the cut can provide. You may not always wear your hair in style every day but there will be occasions and time when you need to have it in a special hairstyle. Take time to consult with your stylist. She can advice you on what styles will best suit the haircut.

• Highlights are great, but as much as possible, use it in moderation.

• When visiting the hair salon for a cut, make sure that you only get the treatment that you can afford. Hair oil treatment, spa, massage and more are nourishing for the hair but are quite expensive and need not be done often.

• When having your hair cut or styled at the hair salon, keep in mind the dress that you will wear for the occasion you are preparing for. Make sure that the hair style will complement the dress or gown

• A hair cut and a hair trim are two different things. A hair trim is needed to maintain the shape of a hairstyle as well as the health of the hair. It is the best remedy to removing split ends. On the other hand, a hair cut is to get a new look or style.

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Best Style for Red Hair

red hair color

There are many different hairstyles today and there are different hair colors. Some of those hair colors are natural, but then some of those hair colors are not natural. If you are a blond or a brunette and you have just decided to dye your hair red, then you will need to select the best color that suits you best. Amongst the red hair colors, you will find spice, auburn, cinnamon and more. When you have red hair, you should also make sure you choose eye shadow that is in earth tones such as green, gold, cider, copper, etc.

Amongst the many different hairstyles for women who have red hair, we believe a unique look would be long and straight. However, if you have short hair, then spiking it a bit is very pretty...

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